Helpdesk Information

Vendors interested to participate in online tendering must contact the centralized helpdesk team at mjunction, Kolkata. Our helpdesk officers will provide you, assistance and guidance on the following:

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

  • Procedure for Installation of DSC 
  • Registration of DSC with User ID of EPS portal 

Submission of Bids online

  • Procedure for viewing NIT through the portal
  • Procedure for submission of bids online through the portal

Following officers have been designated for the above activities. You may contact them as per your requirements

Please contact the following Helpdesk Officers for any kind of bidding related issues :

Please visit login page to get the Helpdesk contact nos.


What Internet settings bidder should maintain for Bidding :

i) Web Browser : Internet explorer v9.0 or higher required.

Note : For users with Windows 10, whose default browser is Microsoft edge, following steps may be performed to access EPS

1.     Open Microsoft Edge

2.     Type the PGCIL website

3.     On the Right hand side, click on more action (3 dots sign)

4.     Click Open with Internet Explorer

ii) Please disable POPUP Blocker of your Internet Explorer

iii) Open you I.E page => Click Tools => Click Internet Option => Click Security => Click Custom Level => Select Miscellaneous => Select Include local directory path when uploading directory path when uploading path to a server => Click Enable => Click OK => You will get Security Message " Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone ?" Click Yes => Click Apply = Click OK. Please close your internet explorer and open it again.


Technical Settings :

1.     Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 must be installed

2.     Please install net meeting software like TeamViewer 7 for online support

3.     Acrobat Reader must be installed.


TLS Settings :

TLS Setup for IE

(i) Goto Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options

(ii) Click on Advance

(iii) Pull down scroll bar to end

(iv) Check the check box against Use TLS 1.2 & click Apply


TLS Setup for JAVA

(i) Goto Control Panel

(ii) Open JAVA

(iii) Goto Advanced Tab

(iv) Pull down scroll bar, Ensure the following settings are done:

a. Use SSL 2.0 is unchecked

b. Use TLS 1.0 is checked

c. Use TLS 1.1 is checked

d. Use TLS 1.2 is checked


Once you get your Login ID & Password, please do the following steps :

1.     Please install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 and your Digital Certificates for sign in and encryption

2.     You are required to login to  , select respective unit from the Buyer Organization (Dropdown Menu) and click Sign in

3.     Key in your login code and password and click Enter

4.     System will ask you to change password

5.     Again login with new password

6.     System will show sign in certificate, Select your sign in certificate and click OK

7.     You will be automatically logged out from the system.

8.     Call Helpdesk Officers, and request to approve your signing certificate. Once your certificate is approved, you will get auto generated approval email alert.

9.     Now login again with login code and new password

10.  Select Digital certificate from the POP UP.

11.  Now you have logged in into the system.


You have to map your Encryption Certificate as per the following process :

1.     On the top margin you will find Digital Certificate. Click on Digital Certificate

2.     Click Register DSC

3.     Select the radio button For Encryption & Click Select Digital Certificate

4.     System will display your Encryption Certificate, Select the same

5.     New window will appear showing thumbprint of certificate, Click Close


NB: If you have SHA1 1024 bit certificate then you need to select the Both instead of Encryption in 12.3 step in the above mention procedure.